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Videography & Photography for Corporate, TV and Film, Advertising, Events, Sports, and more...
Aerial Photography and Video
Digital Lightcraft offers various types of video work, be it for a corporate video, a music video, a documentary or anything else - we have something to offer.

We offer aerial services including:
- Aerial Photography
- Aerial Video
- TV, Film, Magazine, Advertising
- News (quick deployment)
- Events & Sports
- Surveys (Roof, Solar, Thermal, Wind Turbine etc...)

Contact us:
Call: 01332 460040

Or by snail:
Digital Lightcraft
4A Alma Street
DE73 8GA

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Some rather nice kit is arriving :-)
The Align G3 Gimbal, VERY well made, super stable.
Test shoot with the new equipment
Yes, we know about the shaddow! 'twas but a test :-)
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